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sometimes my imagination runs wild.
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Stoprobbers is awesome in so many ways and is an absolutely amazing writer. I'm just in awe of her talent and turn of phrase. asked by Anonymous

david x billie: honing their craft


vaguely inspired by this gifset
2,100 words, adult
david and billie get drunk and act out a sex scene. what could go wrong?!

It’s on a false pretense that David finds himself on Billie’s sofa, gulping down chilled lager while she swirls red wine in her glass.

He’d crafted the idea months ago, after the first episode of her new show aired and he heard her make sounds that surpassed even the best conjurings of his imagination. And so when he took on a new role that called for several bedroom scenes, he saw the opportunity and pounced.

How could he have known she’d have the house to herself?

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Fic Tennis Round 22 - Ninth Doctor/Rose AU



allrightfine and I are at it again — another round of fic tennis, this one a Nine/Rose au of some sort tbd by Jamie. If you want to skip the fic-writing shenanigans, savior “fic tennis”! This post is the serve — i.e., the prompt that Jamie will work off of for this match:


(photo by James Mackay)


It’s the third time the bloke’s been in front of the shop in as many days.

If it were later, she’d think he was a drunk, and if he were younger, she’d think he was a dealer, but it’s been the middle of the day every time, the line he paces is always straight as an arrow, and he seems to actively avoid other people, which is a terrible tactic for someone trying to sell drugs.

A couple of times he’s gotten close to the door, his hand lifting for the handle only to fall back down as he continues his circuit, wearing a groove in the pavement.

She’s seen hesitancy before, but not quite on this scale, and not on someone she can’t get a read on. She can’t even see his skin — he’s got on a thick leather jacket and trousers — so there’s no clues, no assumptions, nothing to do for it but ask.

The bell above the door tinkles when she opens it, and she squints at the sunlight that suddenly seems a lot brighter without the tinted windows of the shop in the way.

“Hey,” she says, and the man looks at her. “Do you want a tattoo or not?”

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fic: A Praise Chorus, 7/7. (Ten/Rose, high school AU)


(the late ’90s/early ’00s American high school AU too many of us lived to actually need.)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6AO3 | Teaspoon 

7,549 words, this section; adult, definitely adult, this section.

a/n: I said this would be seven chapters, and it is, but I wish I’d split them slightly differently, because this one is long, and it goes almost right into, like, smut. So, if you need a little build up to get in that head-space, maybe re-read part of the previous chapter? Thanks for reading at all, actually, this one was fun! (and for the record, for the folks that asked, I was class of ‘01, so that’s what I was working with here, mostly.)

Title from Jimmy Eat World’s song of the same name.

If he lives to be 90, hell, if he lives to be 900, he is always going to remember this moment.

Making out with Rose Tyler in the teacher’s lounge during the homecoming dance — it’s destined to become one of those stories he tells, and retells, a testament to his glory days, and he is living it right now.

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Out of the Howling (1/?)


Authors: oodlyenough & goldy_dollar

Rating:  PG-13

Characters/Pairings: Ten II/Rose

Genre: Angst, drama

Summary: Six years after Bad Wolf Bay, Rose gets a message from another universe.

Excerpt: Whatever reaction she’d expected from telling her boyfriend that his alien duplicate from another universe was contacting her telepathically, this wasn’t it.

Read it on: Tumblr / LJ (eventually) / Teaspoon

A voice was calling Rose Tyler’s name.


She tried to reach out but there was nothing. She felt lost in a fog. There was a tingle in the back of her mind, a memory trying to pull its way out, and the voice came again:


She knew that voice; she’d heard it before.


A ghost reaching out. Please don’t go, she tried to say. I know you. If I could just… just… remember…

And then: “Help me.”

Fingers snapped in front of her face.

"Rose? Rose are you even listening to me?” Rose jerked awake and Jackie’s annoyed face swam into view. She was standing in front of Rose, one hand on her hip, the other waving a spatula accusingly in Rose’s face. “For the last time, did you want chicken or a kebab?”

Rose winced as bright sunlight rushed into her eyes. She reached up to scratch her head, and then glanced around her. She was in a back garden, curled up on a lawn chair.

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fic: A Praise Chorus, 6/7. (Ten/Rose, high school AU)


"All right there, Dawson’s Creek, let’s not get crazy."

He stares at her. “Donna, we’ve been over this — his name is Dawson, they live on a creek, calling me ‘Dawson’s Creek’ is calling me a fictional body of water.”

(the late ’90s/early ’00s American high school AU too many of us lived to actually need.)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5AO3 | Teaspoon 

5,594 words, this section.

Title from Jimmy Eat World’s song of the same name.

Getting Reinette home is fairly easy, he just drives there, and doesn’t say anything about her lunch invitation. He doesn’t really say anything at all, actually, except for the tiny groan he lets out when the memory of sitting slumped on her sofa, both of them drunkenly sharing childhood stories, comes flooding back.

He doesn’t talk about that stuff to anyone, and now that the memory’s back, he knows he entered the conversation with a mind to only talk about her, but somehow she’d flipped it, and they’d been sharing stories equally.

It makes him feel uncomfortable, and exposed. If he were to share that stuff, some stuff not even Donna knows, it would only be with Rose, and it would only be while he was sober and willing.

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fic: A Praise Chorus, 5/7. (Ten/Rose, high school AU)


“Looking to get something blown, that’s for sure,” Donna snarks, and that’s it, he’s had enough. Donna doesn’t understand. Donna will never understand, and he’s not going to explain it to her.

(the late ’90s/early ’00s American high school AU too many of us lived to actually need.)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4AO3 | Teaspoon 

4,176 words, this section.

Title from Jimmy Eat World’s song of the same name.

When Donna asks him, six days later, whether this new Reinette thing is about Rose, he tells her no.

When he asks himself, six days and one minute later, whether this new Reinette thing is about Rose, he tells himself no.

Both things are probably a lie. 

But it hadn’t started as that, not exactly, not … entirely. 

Alphabetical order being what it was, and AP Physics being as difficult as it was, it was only normal that he’d end up as an ‘S’ with a ‘P’ for a lab partner. 

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fic: A Praise Chorus, 4/7. (Ten/Rose, high school AU)


She’s just so close to him and he’s not even paying attention to the movie, focusing instead on every distracting, unattractive thing he can think of — Mrs. Noble in Jazzercise clothes does the trick for a while, but even that eventually morphs into a vision of Rose in some Kelly-Kapowski-circa-Hot-Sundae spandex, and he’s right back where he started.

(the late ’90s/early ’00s American high school AU too many of us lived to actually need.)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3AO3 | Teaspoon 

4,270 words, this section; some adult-ish themes, I guess, this chapter.

Title from Jimmy Eat World’s song of the same name.

Standing in front of the movie theater, she holds his hand, tipping her head to his shoulder as they read the showtimes. It makes it hard to concentrate, the letters and numbers swimming in his vision as heat sings in his blood, and he gives up after a moment. It’s not like he’d argue with anything she suggests anyway.

Pulling back but still keeping hold on his hand, she lifts her opposite shoulder.

"I don’t know. Do you like scary movies?"

"Sure," he says, and his thoughts tumble forward to a darkened theater and a frightened Rose, hiding her face in his chest. "Actually, yeah, I do. Let’s see a scary one."

Rose grins and tugs him to the ticket line. He has to drop her hand to fish the movie passes out of his wallet and silently thanks Donna for insisting he needed a plain black leather one last Christmas, instead of the velcro Quiksilver one he’d been carrying since seventh grade.

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fic: A Praise Chorus, 3/7. (Ten/Rose, high school AU)


“Well, you’re looking at the Henrik’s employee of the month right here, which means — ” she rummages around in her backpack, swinging it on the strap in front of her before pulling something out and reading from it “ — one free large cheese pizza, toppings extra, dine-in only, gratuity not included.”

(the late ’90s/early ’00s American high school AU too many of us lived to actually need.)

Part 1 | Part 2AO3 | Teaspoon 

3,406 words, this section; some adult-ish language this chapter, because teenage boys are gross. 

Title from Jimmy Eat World’s song of the same name.

The week at school passes in a thousand different ways — at a crawl, in a jumble, lightning fast and syrup slow. He’s started tracking his days by the times he sees Rose, and started tracking his nights by the times he talks to her.

It’s never, ever enough … even though it’s, like, a lot. She works, and he still stops by the video store, but it seems like she’s making time for him just as much as he’s making time for her, and that’s — well, he doesn’t even have words for what that is.

When the end of the day finally rolls around on Friday, he’s dragging his heels in the courtyard. Donna’s finally managed to pin down Shaun for a date, and she’s lingering by him instead, their hands twisted together, and the Doctor keeps trying to signal to see if she needs a ride home, and she keeps waving him off.

There’s still another period left for most of the other students, and he’s pretty sure Shaun has that final period, and therefore somewhere to be. How can passing periods seem so short when he’s between classes and so long right now?

He’s about ready to just say fuck it and go, when Rose bounces up to him, a big grin on her face, and gives him a hug. If this is a thing they do now, hugging, he’s literally going to go home and put up a diary page on Geocities, just to write about this.

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Title: “Hyperthymesia”
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: The human tragedy of forgetfulness is more a blessing than a burden.
Characters:  Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Tenth Doctor, Martha Jones
Length: 3144 words (1/1)
Beta-read by the fantastic and patient scullywolf, who really helped me put this together.

Also posted on: AO3

“You know what I think?” she goads, her mouth left open to frame the yet-unspoken ending.  Something about it isn’t quite the way she would normally speak to him, and he can only thank his own unanticipated resentment and his tongue for running off without him and putting just the sort of ideas in her head he’d been valiantly trying to avoid.  “I think you’re experiencing Captain-envy.”

She looks at him in the dark with her miraculously healed-over hands like he’s something new, like maybe someone might look at an ocean they’ve never seen.  When she approaches, it’s a little slow, appraising, smiling the way she would if she’d been told a secret.  It’s not an image he’s promoted: the Doctor as anything but something ineffable and alien, morally austere, something set apart from the everyday things she can easily catalog, and for good reason. 

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